Welcome to EnjoyJapan!

Hello! My name is Junya. I’m Japanese and I was born and raised in Japan.

I had a experience to study abroad in Canada and working at Epcot in Walt Disney World

When I work at Disney. I enjoyed great experiences. My working place was Japan Pavilion. It was nice!!(^^)!

and I met so many foreigners who interested in Japan, like Japanese culture,language,anime,food.

Tourist of foreigners is increasing in Japan

I’m interesting what’s kind of our culture they can enjoy. I sometime guide my foreigner friend to Japan, but I realize I also don’t know so much Japanese culture.

so this blog for

1, I’m gonna introduce and find Japanese real life culture that tourist also can enjoy

2,I also gonna enjoy to collect knowledge of Japanese culture,toursist spot

I’m not good at writing English, but My English is easy to understand for people who don’t speak English as their primary laungage I think.

so I hope people all over the world enjoy it