Japanese Christmas party

I enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas.

One day, I think when I work at Disney in Florida.Guest asked What’s kind of things Japanese people do in Christmas.

In our case, Depend on family or friend. but We usuallly spend with family,friend or boyfriend or girlfriend.

We enjoy feast. we usually eat Turkey and Christmas cake.

so This time, Many people reserve KFC special chiken in Japan.

I enjoyed christmas party with my friend in this year.

I’m gonna introduce!!(^^)! One of christmas party in Japan

we prepare appetizer first. This kind of appetizer,you can buy super market in Japan. potate,chiken,salmon everything gorgeous


amd turkey.this turky from Costco in Japan.just 700~800yen(7doller~8doller) so cheap and deliciouis!

and salada.We don’t have to cook, just bought. but looks beautiful and fun!

and costco’s wonderful Croissant. I didn’t know costco’s bread is awesome! Is costco in another country good,too? I want to go costco in another country some day

I bought Shan Merry.taste good.and we decorated.We love disney so this party’s theme looks like beauty and the beast(^^♪

and christmas cake! party must need

costco’s Tiramisu,too

We prepare many snacks

It was wonderful party!

I introduce our party this time. I hope you enjoyed.

I have experience to join Christmas party in Canada. It was great! They made feast from scratch!

I’m interested another country’s christmas party!

I hope you had a great time in Christmas