Japanese Paste! ~Easy to make~

I ate paste today. When I live in America, I ate so much pasta.Because easy to make and cost is cheap!

I enjoyd American style. but I wanted to enjoy more kind of sources!

In Japan,We can enjoy a lot of sources!

This is our source section of super market in Japan

many kind of sources you can see!

There is peperonino,cod roe,


tomate ,white like this.

In ameria, they used bottle . We use bottle and sealed pouh

I ate tuna today!

When you open,you will find bags. this is for 2 people

I just boiled pasta

and put sorce on it

and seaweed, too.

and pasta is ready!

That’s so easy and delicious!!

I intoroduced Japanese  pasta that easy to make today. If you have opportunity to make pasta in Japan. very easy.so please try many kind of pasta sources