Japanese conveyor belt sushi [Sushiro]

Hello! This year is almost over. Are you ready??

I ate sushi today! I love sushi so much!! When I stay in America. I ate sushi  at least once a month.Fortunately There is great sushi restaurant in Orlando That’s why I could survive(^^♪

When you come to Japan. you should defenitely try conveyor belt sushi ! That is good for memory and cost is so cheap!!

I went to Sushiro Today

I love Sushiro! this sushi quality is so good!! Dessert and sidemenu also attractive! I recomend If you find Sushiro while staying in Japan. you should go!!!

If you couldn’t find your sushi that you want to. you an just use touch panel. you can chose English laungage,too

The sushi’s quality is so good!

There is so many kind of sushi! This is tuna and takuan(yellow pickled radish)textutre is good!

Mackerel(popular in Japan)

Side menu also good! you sould try Sushiro’s french fry is ! some people come because of this. It’s good!

There is ramen,too!

Source : https://www.akindo-sushiro.co.jp/menu/

Udon as well. If you come to Sushiro. you can enjoy many kind of Japanese food!(^^)!

Source :https://www.akindo-sushiro.co.jp/menu/

There is so many kind of sushi.That’s the reason I love Sushiro!!

Ramen and Udon

Special menu,too. We can enjoy winter menu this time(^^♪

Beer and Alcohol drink,too.

Basically, The cost is one dish 100 yen(2 piece sushi)[yellow dish]

If you take different color dish

red is 150yen. Black is 300 yen

There is dessert ,too

I orderd fondant chocolat. I like this. When I stayed in America, My Italian roommate often made!(^^)!

When you come to Japan, and If you still debating what shoud you eat. I recomend Sushiro!!