Japanese New Years Eve

Hello! 2018 is almost over! are you ready??!(^^)!

I hope I’m gonna enjoy to make [EnjoyJapan!]and I hope you also enjoy my blog next year.

I ate toshikoshi soba(year-crossing noodles) at lunch time today.

This soba means live long.noodle is long,so We wish  we gonna live longer

We usually eat toshikoshi soba and watch end of year special TV shows while eating end of year feast with family or friends.

That is so fun.not kind of party. just relax and enjoy moment that end of the year.

We also do countdown. We watch TV and enjoy countdown.

Hope you have a great time in New Years Eve

I made humburg steak today.I hope I’m gonna challenge so many things next year

Hope you have a great year!!(^^♪