Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!! 2019

I hope you will enjoy every things!!!

I also enjoy manythings. I start this blog and I’m gonna challenge many things!

and If you think about come to Japan, Let me know that. I can write article that you want to know and  about Japanese tourist spot or queation about Japan.

I decide 3 things this year!!

I’m gonna challenge a lot of things positively

I want to challenge a lot of things. I like to stay home and relax but not just relax in 2019. I want to learn many things and I want to try many things every day!

I’m gonna intoroduce many Japanese Culture in this blog

I have a lot of many foreign friends. I thought every time what kind of place my friends will enjoy. I’m gonna serach and ask foreigners and I hope I can find what kind of spot they like it.

In 2020, Tokyo Olympic is comimg. so I want to introduce a lot of thing for foreigners.

I’m gonna record so many things in 2019

I don’t want to [ just do] When 2019 will finish, I want to look back [what did I do]. and I hope this things will  become something plus in my life.

If you interest my blog, please enjoy!

Let’s enjoy alot og things in 2019!