TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER [One Piece theme park]Review

Hello! I went to ONE PIECE Tower in January 1st.

Do you like ONE PIECE?? If you like it,You must go to ONE PIECE Tower.ONE PIECE Tower is theme park of ONE PIECE in Tokyo.

ONE PIECE is Japanese popular anime😁 I love ONE PIECE since when I was child. Story and characters is so attractive 👍

When I work at Disney in Florida,I talked with so many people who loooove ONE PIECE.

ONE PIECE is such a great show!!

And I actually work at this ONE PIECE theme park since grand opening 😁 I enjoyed talk with ONE PIECE fun!! If you are crazy about ONE PIECE You should check out😊

ONE PIECE Tower is located under The Tokyo Tower

ONE PIECE tower is located 3,4,5th floor in Tokyo Tower

The entrance is 3rd floor

This is ONE PIECE tower’s guide map

If you come to ONE PIECE tower, you have to see the 360 Log Theater that is awesome!!

Every guest have to see this theater,so you don’t have to worry to miss this😁

And,When you enter,you can take picture with ONE PIECE characters

and you can see their signature,too lol

And there is many attractions. Like 「ROBIN’S FINDING PONEGLIFF」you gonna search ponegliff with Robin’s guide.

You can use That snail!!!


You can play game with Nami. If you won,you can get some souvenir.


You can enter that thousand sunny 😄

There is Many attraction, but I’m gonna introduce 2 Best attraction!!!!

One of attraction is this!


You can enjoy Luffy’s history and end of this attraction has original 4D theater!!

Start from When Luffy was child

That scene

Nami’s scene

Robin’s scene

When Luffy got poison,they cheer and help.That scene

Inside attraction has maze and gimmick,too

And you can meet Ace,too

Of course Luffy,too

When you wait theater,you can check many characters

We can’t take picture in the 4D theater, so you should come!! You can enjoy smoke,light and wind effect in the theater.

And this theme park’s best attraction is


You can enjoy ONE PIECE ‘s show!!!

You can see so many characters !!

If you want to see this show,you have to buy live show ticket[1200yen(about 12 dollar)] you can buy include ticket in entrance,too.

If you like ONE PIECE,you should watch this show!!

Inside the theater is like club.

That is so cool

The name is Live Music Club TONGARI.TONGARI is this theme park island name.

Guest can hold lighting stone,While doing show,guest can enjoy like music live

DJ bird

And they are coming!!!!

Chopper as well😁

Characters is so real and close!!

You can enjoy ONE PIECE World in real life!!

And Buggy ,too

You can see this show’s original character,too

The name is Ann. Made by Eiichiro  Oda for this show

You can enjoy so many characters,too

Like Perona




you can see ONE PIECE world!! Quality is so good,so you should check it!!

And He also…

After enjoy the ONE PIECE Tower,you should check souvenirs,too

ONE PIECE tower is so much fun!! Even people who don’t know about ONE PIECE also can enjoy I think

When you visit Tokyo Tower, you should go this place,too

I hope you can enjoy ONE PIECE Tower in Japan😄