Good for Japanese souvenirs!!Japanese 100yen(1 dollar) shop DAISO

I went to DAISO!

DAISO is Japanese 100yen(1 dollar) shop😊

Many people use this store👍Quality is good and You will be surprised that many thing takes only 100yen.

I’m gonna introduce merchandise of DAISO.When you come to Japan,you should go😁It must be fun!!

And we did fun things this time.We bought present 🎁 each other ,and exchange! Maximum cost is only 100yen,but How to make my friend happy✨

And we choose this!

Actually this present exchange game was successful 😁We satisfied 100yen present😄

I got this cute Mickey stamp! This is only 100yen.That’s so good😊

I gave my friend this dolphin puzzle. I can buy like this puzzle in theme park but I can’t buy only 100yen

My friend’s present is this grove.This is hair drying glove. When you dry hair,You can use this glove as a towel.and hair will dry easier.Daiso has a lot of novelty goods!!

That’s the reason you can enjoy!

My friend’s another present is trivia book and toothbrush and toothpaste.

That is so convenient 😁

When We do this game,Every body can satisfy so We realize again! Daiso have great goods

I’m gonna introduce another items!

If you are looking for souvenirs,you can get Japanese items, chopsticks


Japanese food and snacks

I really recommend this.When you use this sponge,easy to remove stains!!

This is so just attach lemon,and you can get lemon spray

Many cups


And cosmetics


Sometimes you can find over 100yen.but still cheap.this balance ball is only 500yen

If you come to Japan,please check it Daiso! I think You can enjoy😊