10 Best Japanese Snacks 〜choose by Japanese〜

Hello! Have you ever eaten Japanese snacks???

When I work at Disney in Japan Pavilion,I sell so many snack. And I was surprised many foreigners love Japanese snacks.

I’m gonna introduce Japanese snacks you must eat!!


First you should eat Jagarico!!this snack is so popular If you ask Japanese people,they definitely know what it is.

This snack is sticked shape.texture is crispy.

When you start to eat you can’t stop.

Made by potato,but not like potato chips.

You can easy to bring that’s the reason people love Jagarico,too.


And Jagabee! This is little bit similar with Jagarico!but This is more thick and salty.You can feel potato taste more. And You can enjoy potato with skins.

Taste like so potato.It’s delicious!!


This is Japan Pavilion’s best sells,KitKat green tea. KitKat and green tea,they go well together!! I can eat everyday!! Also green tea is good for health!

And KitKat has so many types!! This is cranberry and almond,If you find something you have never seen,you should try,Almost all kitkat is so delightful!

4.Kata age potato

And you can’t miss this potato chips! 堅means hard.and When you eat this,you can’t satisfy normal chips.It’s so delicious and texture is hard.when you start chewing,good taste will show up!

You must try this!!

Japanese basic potato chips also good😁 that’s different from America.

5.Mike Popcorn

And Mike Popcorn.This is so addicted! Taste is butter and soy source. I think everybody like this taste.


Japanese rice crackers! If you like rice crackers,you should try 「歌舞伎揚 kabukiage」 This taste is more sweet and texture is awesome! Japanese people love it .


7.Country Ma’am

I don’t think foreigners know COUNTRY MA’AM,but that is Japanese responsibly.Japanese people must introduce this amazing cookie.

This is super super delicious!! You can eat as it is,or you can use microwave,too「please don’t put with bag,just cookies microwave it」

Texture is like someone made it.made it from scratch taste👍 you should try.I want to see when foreigners try it.


This also great snacks.Chocolate and biscuits are so good😁

Biscuits is salty.so chocolate taste will be strong!

And texture is addictive!so you should try!!


Simple chocolate but so delicious! I like whites chocolate taste but there is normal chocolate ,too

You can enjoy 12 chocolate in this box.


This texture is so fun.so addicted and I think foreigners love it.When I work at Disney,Guest bought a lot .and they told love it😊