Japanese delicious food !rice bowl (gyudon)[Sukiya]

When you come to Japan,If you want to eat something delicious low cost quick lunch,

You should eat 「donburi」I’m gonna introduce [Sukiya]

Japanese people love 「donburi」Donburi means Japanese rice bowl

Like Beef donburi, sushi donburi etc….

If you get hungry,you can choose rice and beef size,so you can say

[Ohmori,Omori](big serving)[Kudasai](please give me)

おおもり ください

You can get big serving rice bowl😊

The menu is like this

This is sukiyaki nabe combo

Sukiyaki is popular Japanese stew!It’s so good especially for winter season.

This pot has beef,vegetable and udon.and you gonna dip in raw egg.

If you have never eat raw egg.you should try😁 That’s good experience,and that egg is safety .

So Let’s try😄it’s delicious

(Only winter season in Sukiya can eat sukiyaki nabe,but you can eat sukiyaki another place,too)

And beef donburi[gyu don](牛丼 ぎゅうどん)It’s so good!

There is many kind of gyudon.

[Wasabi and pounded yam]

[Egg and green onions]

[Grated radish and ponzu]

[Mayonnaise and takana pickles]

[Okura and bonito flakes]

I love granted radish and ponzu. That is refreshing taste😊

Kimchi and beef

They go well together

And pork,too! Pork is butadon (豚丼 ぶたどん)

And Tuna as well! Sukiya has many kind of donburi

Curry ,too.

And low calorie udon and gyu don

You can choose from a lot of Donburi

That’s so fun!!

This time I choose 3 kind of cheeses buta don

It’s so good.cheese and pork is so much!!

And If you like spicy

You can add Tabasco

There is water

Source and red pickled ginger

When you decide donburi,you just push the button

Sukiya is delicious and cheap,If you looking for restaurant in Japan.and you want to eat quickly

You should go to sukiya😊