Japanese KFC!you must eat Japanese style Hamburger!!

Hello! I’m gonna introduce Japanese KFCKentucky Fried Chicken

I ate KFC in America,Canada but Japanese one is the best to me😁

If you have opportunity to come KFC in Japan, you must try this

This is Japanese-style chicken cutlet sand!!

It’s super delicious!!😁

Source is sweet and they choose good quality of chicken made in Japan.

Cutlet and Japanese sweet source.They go well toghther😊

And single chicken taste also different

I think You can feel black paper taste better than another country’s chicken.

I grow up this taste,so I like it. But you should try different country’s chicken.

You can enjoy different taste!!

When you eat,you can use paper that’s easy to eat😊

I ate these two,It was good😄

I recommend Japanese style cutlet hamburger 和風チキンカツサンド」(wafu chicken Katsu Sand)