Japanese famous shopping avenue in Ueno[Ameyoko]アメ横

Hello! Do you like shopping??

If you want to enjoy shopping ,Why don’t you come to Ameyoko in Ueno?

There is so many interesting items.and avenue ‘s Atmosphere is so good❗️

Ameyoko[Amryayokocho]long shopping avenue.

From Ueno station to

Okachimachi station.

There is so long and you can enjoy Japanese style

You can enjoy sashimi,sushi

Menu looks nice😁

And cool apparels

I don’t know foreigners like this or not lol

But looks cool and If you wear this cloth in your country,people ask where did you get it?

This is so Japan.It’s cool!I want to see foreigners wear!!

Some bags

Many foreigners like backpack,but this stele also cool😊When I live in America,I used small bag like this✨this is so convenient

And this is famous discount chocolate shop

For 1000yen,you can get so many chocolate.

They gonna perform as well.like

「this famous chocolate🎵Put in put in put in〜🎶」

「one more one more one more〜♫」

Looks fun👍 If you like Chocolate,You should join that😊

And Ameyoko’s famous cut fruit

Chocolate banana and strawberry

Cut fruits!! Cotton candy

And famous crape 「Marion crape」you can eat many places in Tokyo.But taste is good😁 If you find it,Let’s try!!

Looks yummy,right?😊

If you like to eat Japanese snacks,you must go 「Niki no Kashi」

There is so many snacks and Japanese food!!

Very big Chocolate!!!

You can’t see like this chocolate in usual store

Good for souvenirs ❗️😊

And There is temple in Ameyoko

You can enjoy many experiences in Ameyoko

The place is so fun! So when you come to Ueno,you should go!😁