Best 5 popular Japanese cup noodles

Hello! There is so many cup noodles in Japan. I checked cup noodles in supermarket. And I choose 5 noodles.

we have many kind of cup I choose best 5 noodles in this supermarket,But I will choose another supermarket ,too. Because so difficult to choose !

So this is the first!!

1.super cup

This cup noodle size is big!! If you feel hungry,You should try it😁 The taste is little bit strong. So If you want to eat a lot !! You decide super cup! ! After eat ramen,I like to put in rice,too. They go well toghther😄

2.Midori no tanuki soba

This is cup soba noodle. This also famous in Japan. And taste is sooo good!especially soup!! Soba and this soup is really good! And template!! That’s so delicious! Texture is crispy. You can put in soup and eat👍

3.Akai kitsune uson

This is udon with bonito base soup.

Soup is good and fried tofu is sooo nice! Taste is sweet and the flavor of the bonito soup has soaked ! It’s great udon!!

4.chicken ramen

Since 1958,Every body love this taste!! Chicken based soup taste is little bit strong. And noodle is soft! The taste is addictive!

If you have egg,you can put in. That’s really good ,too


This is yakisoba noodle! Taste is so good😁

After make this yakisoba,you can out source of spicy mayonnaise! It’s super delicious!!! Sounds fattening but we don’t care! Because so delicious!!!!

If you come to Japan,and feel hungry!you should buy cup noodles and bring your hotel!

It’s so fun and your stomach can satisfy 😄