Japanese 【SHAKE SHACK】

Do you like Shake shack?? I do like it😆

When I went to New York,I searched internet what should I eat in New York. And I find there is famous healthy hamburger 🍔

When I live in America,I remember I can easy to find a lot of hamburger shop lol they love hamburger I know 👍Even thought just hamburger but they made so many type of it👍

But I have never eaten like this hamburger before

The name is 【Shake Shack】!!

When I eat shake shack,I was surprised so much!! It is soooo delicious!

I stayed New York 3days. And I ate 2 times in shake shack!

I was impressed with the taste of it😊

But I didn’t know we have shake shack in Japan,too😆 I’m so happy to find that!

So If there is someone like me lol like people who is crazy about shake shack, Even thought I come to Japan,but I need shake shack!! Don’t worry, We have👍👍

This is Japanese shake shack menu! It’s almost same,right???

shake shack is popular in Japan,too.There is line but not so long(depend on the day though)

I ate this!

Shack stack!! The taste is I think same as New York one! So I’m happy to eat this taste in Japan

I like shack stack because I can enjoy beef and shroom !

And If you want to try Japanese special menu, you should try sesame shake!! This tastes only you can enjoy in Japan

And taste is really good😄

If you want to eat hamburger in Japan.of course we have! And If you love to eat shake shack! You can enjoy in Japan,too😄