If you want to enjoy real Japanese life and loooove to drink so much ,about 18$ all you can drink【Izakaya】

Have you ever heard Izakaya?? You can eat so many kind of foods and you can drink alcohol so much😁If you loooooove to drink! You should go!!

Japanese office worker will go to Izakaya after work especially on Friday!!

Inside of Izakaya is comfy and you can relax! Sometimes there is Private room and you can enjoy in private space

I love Japanese Sake If you order 【のみほうだいnomihoudai(means all you can drink)】you can drink as much as you want!!! Usually you can drink for 2hour -3hour(depend on the restaurant)

There are many variety of drink!!

I miss all drinks lol you can order 【beer,cocktail,whisky,wine,Japanese sake,high ball,etc…】you can drink non alcohol ,too😁

And Izakaya food menu also good😄

When you arrive Izakaya, you will get one food first .The name is 【Otoushi 】kind of appetizer

usually you can get first in Izakaya!!👍

And wonderful food😆😆 Sashimi ❤️

Nabe!I really recommend eat in winter!

Grilled Squad


Octopus and wasabi

This is sooo good😄✌️

You can enjoy food and drink the cost is about 3000yen(about 30 dollar)to 5000yen(about 50 dollar)(depend on what’s kind of course you orders)If you want to enjoy just for drink, This Izakaya takes 1700yen (about 17 dollars)

Japanese people looove Izakaya!

If you want enjoy real Japanese culture,too

You should go👍 There is so many kind of Izakaya you can find every where!

Have fun😁