Japanese great sushi bento

When you come to Japan, you definitely want to eat sushi,right?

Of course you can go to restaurant,but you know? You can eat very nice sushi bento and the cost is so cheap!!

The shop name is【どんまる Donmaru】

Looks so so good,right?? I’m so glad I’m Japanese because I can eat this super delicious sushi! Just 500yen+tax❤️(about 5 dollars)

It’s super good😁

The store is very small. There is just one counter where you can order. And Take out only,so you can eat out side

My favorite part is we can order so many different kind of sushi you can order!!!!

I can come here everyday 😆

This time I order 【Uogashi】

I can eat【Tuna Sermon roe Sea urchin Squid】

I’m getting hungry lol

【Donmaru 】is you can find many places in Tokyo. You can eat great sushi only 5 dollar so,Let’s try and find your favorite sushi bento😁