Japanese nice chain restaurant Gusto「ガスト」

I loooove so much to eat 😁

I went to [Gusto][ガスト]yeaterday✨

I love so much this chain restaurant👍✨ The cost is cheap and taste is nice! I often go there😊especially When I don’t have enough money lol

I ate


It’s so delicious 😍I love Avocado👍Even thought I ate this morning But with Hamberg steak???? That’s totally different meal so I didn’t count😁

I think I’m gonna eat again this meal . The cost is only 699yen. (Include tax 754yen)

I like the tartar source too. I want to eat now 👍

and My dessert was

This. It’s a Bavarian cream✨I have never eaten like this Bavarian cream before.

It’s nice👍But the Barvarian cream was easy to disappear so Not good for still hungry people like me lol But I like the texture👍And Macha taste.

It’s funny taste The cost is 199yen.

I love the [drink bar](free refills) It’s changed!

There is so many kind of beverages 😊

I love the machine which I can choose many attractive drinks

Even Soda(Carbonated)level I can choose.that’s impressive! I like strong carbonated so I don’t have to choose low level.

I love that machine


cafe au lait or strawberry au lait I can choose 😊

When I want to work,I think I’m gonna come here and using that nice free refills.

I like it! It’s just 219yen if I order meal (Just drink bar is 399yen)

I enjoyed Gusto[ガスト]with my friend yesterday.

My friend ate

Looks nice!

the rice omlet must be delicious.

My friend was satisfied that chocolate parfait.

I miss American’s high calorie chocolate lol

I love it😄 Over1000 calories. Umm I miss 👍

It was nice meal. I will go again😊