Which season I recommend to go Japan? [ Japanese weather]

Hello! Are you preparing come to Japan???

When you decide to come to Japan.You have to think about many things right??

I’m gonna tell you what season is good for your visiting this time👍😁

When should I go to Japan????

I was born and raised in Japan so I don’t know which season is the best in Japan.

But I recommend you should come to Spring or Autumn

I like summer! I love so much!! I always missing😁 if you are like me you can enjoy Summer in Japan but I little bit worry about humid😅

In Japan,you can feel humid in summer.That makes you hotter😅I think.

I searched

Japanese weather in 2018

average of weather in 2018

January       high 9.4   low 0.6

February     high 10.1  low1.3

March         high 16.9  low6.5

April            high 22.1  low12.4

May            high24.6   low15.4

June           high26.6   low19.1

July            high32.7    low25.0

August       high32.5    low24.6

September high26.6     low19.9

October      high23.0    low15.8

November  high22.8     low10.6

December  high12.1     low4.7


looks like spring and Autumn is good for weather 😊

Winter is cold and dry so I don’t like it. But Japanese winter season food is delicious👍

Sunmer is humid but so many attractive event. Japanese festival,pool,Japanese fireworks I love it😄

If you want to see Japanese cherry blossom,you should come to April.

It’s depend on what do you want to do in Japan.

so you should think about,and come to visit😁

This is plum tree😊 you can see March✨