Tokyo Disney Resiort’s cute and nice souvenirs2019 😁

I’m gonna introduce Cute and Nice souvenirs inTokyo Disney Resort ✨

If you come to Disney in Japan,you will excite so different souvenirs between Japanese and American.

I like America’s souvenirs,too.But Japanese one also so good😁

Like This cute coin cases

Key Cain plush

We love cute stuff,so 😄

And this is super fun can make Mickey shape soap form.

Actually You can make Mickey shape soap form in Restroom of Disney in Tokyo.You should try it😁It’s fun to make!!

And This is very famous and popular souvenirs in Tokyo Disney,you should try!It’s addicted and I think when you try it,you gonna buy one or two more.It’s so tasted and texture is crispy!

The name is chocolate crunch

And I want to get this!!

This is kit of marking Famous Disney Building✨

I want to make!!😄I can make Disney’s atmosphere in my house ,too😊

And of course nice bay max plush!!!looks comfy

And those figures which super real.

Looks like the quality is good😁

And I guess Old style Mickey plush

and Japanese rice cracker,good for souvenirs.「I went to Japan Disney!!!!」Everybody easy to understand 😊

DAMBO!!snack! That’s so cute😊

princess dress strap

It’s a small world smart phone cases


And for park,tie👍we love to wear like this while enjoying park

Coin cases

It’s super cool Mickey’s burger

101! Cute dog!!

And Cars!

Looks like different,right??

If you come to Disney In Japan,you can find some interesting souvenirs!I hope you will enjoy the shopping in Japan😊