Tapioca(Babble tea) fever in Japan

Hello! It’s been a long time to write this blog.

Today was my day off.I enjoyed to take a walk about 1 hours 30min. I know I love to walk lol

When I walk,It’s fun.I don’t so much thinking just relax and walk.so I enjoyed today😄

you know what?? Now in Japan is getting popular about Tapioka!!  What’s Tapioka???

It’s bubble tea😁

Japanese people love line up you already know right?? Lol this is kind of joke But seriously We don’t so much get stress to line up I think.

too much is not good But I don’t so much care to line up I’m Japanese I already used to it😁✌️

Nowadays if you come to Japan,you can easy to find line up,and when you follow the line,you will find Bubble tea store👍

I enjoyed bubble tea today👍

It says drink,bite,fun,茶Bar

茶means tea.

this is first time👍So excited!!

there is some display!

And the menu from site of 茶 Bar.

I choose nun ice,half sweet big Tapioka

like that. It was good😄

today was not sweet tasers mood so I choose regular bubble tea But I want to try this next time.

It says 「rock salt cream tea.」they add mascarpone cheese ,too I can’t imagine what’s kind of taste😆I will try next time😊

And my bubble tea was good👍

I thought tapioka  is sweet ,But the tea is not so much sweet so they go well together😊

I like it. I will try another one👍

The cup design was nice👍

It was nice bubble tea.I lined up about 15min I think.not so much👍

It was good day off😁 I liked it😄