Cheap and delicious!All you can eat rice! Nice Japanese restaurant 「やよい軒」(Yayoiken)


I enjoyed Japanese restaurant 「やよい軒」(Yayoiken) today😁

This restaurant is very famous about all you can eat rice😁yes! rice every body!

We eat almost everyday! We love it😆

And today. I ate ginger grilled pork! That’s I wanted to eat😆

And another menu is like that!

There is so many kind of menu.

Unagi,steak,hamburge steak,fried chicken,mackerel,fried shrimp,pork cutlet,

Rice and these food!They go well together😁

When you feel like”I want to eat rice”

That’s perfect timing to go to Yayoiken

And this is I ate ginger pork

It’s good! Taste is great and I refilled rice of course😆

And there is one fried chiken,too. I enjoyed so much👍

It’s just 690yen(include tax) It’s quite cheap!

I can enjoy water and tea as well.

This is all you can eat rice😁

And you can eat Japanese  sesami and nappa cabbage pickles .

And you can pay first using easy! And You can use credit,too

Yakiniku (grilled meat)also good!! 😁 I refill rice 3 times lol

It’s so good!!

I want to eat steak next time👍

You can enjoy Japanese food with rice and miso soup. It’s also quiet I think you can enjoy!

I like it😁I will go again!

Yayoiken is Easy to find in Tokyo I think.

like Under the Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku,

If you find,Let’s eat it😁