You can enjoy Tokyo’s great view for free!![Tokyo Metropolitan Government]


I went to Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku today😁

It was nice and so many foreigners seems enjoy Tokyo’s view so I’m glad to see that😄

This is actually for free!! That’s so good😆

It’s close by Shinjuku station! You can walk.

This is Tokyo Metropolitan Government.That  is so big cool building!!

I went to south observatory.

There is some line,But easy to move so you don’t have to worry about it.

The view is so great😆

There is piano that you can play for 5min. But you have to check schedule to play. You must be really stand out. So that’s good experience I think😁

You can enjoy sun set

Different color of Tokyo

Night view is good😁

Can you imagine this is for free😆

I find good place to see.There is some souvenirs shop and cafe. So you can enjoy with it!!

It was nice to go there😁 It’s close by Shinjuku station. And you should check the schedule.But When I went to there, Open hour is 9:30 to 22:30.

I should go there again😄

It was great experience 👍 That’s good place to see Tokyo’s view